Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life and Death

For the first time I got to participate in a burial, and a barbeque on Mt. Jordan. The burial was very sad because one of the babies whom I had the privilege of working with had passed. Her name was Kelly who was 6 months old when she died and was considered a medically fragile baby. Kelly was born pre-mature, and was not eating well. There were lots of concerns about Kelly amongst the other students including myself. The last time I saw Kelly was in language group. She was very pail looking and her eyes looked like they sunk into her face to the point where the bones around her eyes were showing. Kelly apparently was brought to the hospital in Kolomo and had died they very next day. A burial service took place today on 06/09/2010. All of us grieved as we saw her body taken in a small casket to an isolated, but pretty area underneath a tree. We all said a prayer as we watched the tiny casket being lowered into the ground and covered with dirt. It was a sad time. So much life and so very young, but may she find peace. I found it very interesting that in Africa they do not say funeral instead they refer to it as a burial. People do not get dressed up to attend a funeral, nor do they wear black. They often wear casual garb such as a chi tangy. In Africa they do not morn the way we do when they see a person exit the world. Instead they treat death as though they will see that person again, so they come as they are. After the burial all of the girls including myself attended a birthday celebration. It is strange, yet interesting to celebrate life and death in the same day, and that is what we did. The birthday celebration for Ian, Dr. Tulles’s son went beautifully. We all drove to Mount Jordan in Kacky Jackie which is where we had a barbeque with guacamole, salsa, hot dogs, and smoors. Yummy! We even played music to “The Circle of Life” as Dr. Tulles lifted his son up into the air on Mt. Jordan like they do in the Lion King. It was pretty funny. We got a lot of pictures taken. It is not every day that someone in the States can say they had this sort of agenda. You truly learn to appreciate everything about Africa and take the bad with the good. There are so many good things to focus on in life and that is what we must take into account.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Peter and the Lost Boys"

Today I worked in Havens one, two, and three In Haven Three I was in the boys room. Everyone calls them the "Lost Boys." There is Peter, Ross, Jack, and Shawn who are the little talkers. I came into their room and read them stories while singing some songs. Peter had on a bright pink, yellow and white jacket which reminded me of something from a Jane Fonda video. He definilty looked like a product from the 80's. Today he said, "dog", "more", and "bye". Shawn is also talking a lot these days and Jack is starting to imitate more. Ross wore his Elmo sweater and helped turn the pages in one of the stories I read. Everytime I walk into their room the four boys greet me with their sweet smiling faces. Enclosed are some pictures of the boys.