Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Ready for Africa!

I am getting excited about leaving for Africa. I am just tying up some loose ends and making sure I have everything for my trip. With my list, camera, and two suitcases I will soon embark on a wonderful journey to a place I've never seen. Well except for the pictures created by my own mind and those from magazines. I'm sure my thoughts and ideas of Africa are very different from what I will experience when I get there. I sure hope I'm not forgetting anything!


May 16th~
Depart Searcy by van
Depart Memphis 4:55 pm
Arrive Atlanta 7:35pm
Depart Atlanta 8:05pm
Arrive DC 9:52pm- collect luggage and to hotel

May 17th~
Depart DC (Dulles) 9:30am

May 18th~
Arrive Addis Ababa 8:30 am
Depart Addis Ababa 9:30am
Arrive Lusaka 2:35pm
Spend night in Lusaka

May 19th~
Travel to Kolomo Namwianga

May 26th~
Drive to Livingston for full moon
Spend night at Protea Hotel

May 27th~
Return to Namwianga by noon

June 19th~
Drive to Livingston
Check into Protea Hotel
High tea at Royal Livingston Hotel

June 20th~
Safari in Chkobe National Park, Botswana
Evening worship at Protea Hotel

June 22nd~
Return to Namwianga

Drive to Lusaka
Check into Protea Hotel

June 24th~
Depart Lusaka 3:25pm
Arrive in Addia Ababa 8:25pm

June 25th~
Arrive in DC (Dulles) 7:35am
Depart DC (Dulles) 2:30pm
Arrive Atlanta 4:25pm
Depart Atlanta 5:05pm
Arrive Memphis 5:30pm