Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Peter and the Lost Boys"

Today I worked in Havens one, two, and three In Haven Three I was in the boys room. Everyone calls them the "Lost Boys." There is Peter, Ross, Jack, and Shawn who are the little talkers. I came into their room and read them stories while singing some songs. Peter had on a bright pink, yellow and white jacket which reminded me of something from a Jane Fonda video. He definilty looked like a product from the 80's. Today he said, "dog", "more", and "bye". Shawn is also talking a lot these days and Jack is starting to imitate more. Ross wore his Elmo sweater and helped turn the pages in one of the stories I read. Everytime I walk into their room the four boys greet me with their sweet smiling faces. Enclosed are some pictures of the boys.

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